Anatoliy Tertychny does not create still lifes in the classical sense of this word. He creates flowers. But these are not tulips or lilies in the literal sense. This genre in the artworks of Anatoliy Tertychnyi should be called "Flowering". The concept of "Flowering" is much broader than the concept of "tulip". And you need to turn on not only the eyes, but also the mind, to perceive the "Flowering" of Anatoliy Tertychny.

Bouquet. 2011. Oil on canvas. 70x50 cm

Bouquet. 2002. Oil on canvas. 65x60 cm

Bouquet. 2012. Oil on canvas. 80х75 cm

Lilac. 2014. Oil on canvas. 90x80 cm

Children's bouquet. 2014. Oil on canvas. 90x80 cm

Young wine. 2017. Oil on canvas. 125x88 cm

Magic flower. 2002. Oil on canvas. 55x45 cm

Bouquet. 2016. Oil on canvas. 70x47 cm