Painting by Anatoliy Tertychny - an interesting phenomenon in the space of modern Ukrainian art, this is an unusual fusion of abstraction and figurativeness. In addition to abstractions, Anatoliy creates nude, nature, flowers, landscapes. His paintings is emotional, actually such as the author himself.

The artist has a special attitude towards color - Anatoliy is a perfect colorist: his green, blue, red colors are as deep as if they were extracted from the ground. In them, he hides (and sometimes it breaks out) his attitude to life, to the line, to the woman and to nature. Sometimes the lines seem to be secondary - they are fragile, brittle, completely in the power of color. But artist says that he usually works with his abstract paintings to such an extent that they acquire the signs of figurative painting. Unusually accurately the artist feels the color, passes all his gradations, looks for the right shade, breathing life into his works. Whether it's a landscape, still life, or abstract searches - everything looks very vital, for real.


Farmstead. 2004. Oil on canvas. 105x141 cm