August 10 at 17:00 in the art gallery "Mitets" (Kiev, B. Vasilkovskaya St. 12) opens the exhibition "Painting as a way of life", in the exposition of which the works of the famous Kiev artist Anatoliy Tertychny and his students will be presented: Victoria Avdalova, Victoria Avdalova (jun.), Victoria Vorotina, Oksana Galagan, Catherine Grushko, Ruslana Kogut, Irina Kochubei, Cosima Lust, Lisa Makhinich, Ann Nagorna, Valentyna Natcevich, Oksana Pashchenko, Ann Rybalka, Sasha Sabadokha, Alexander Tatarchuk, Alla Shorina, Daria Yakimenko, Polina Yakimenko, Yulia Yakimenko.

The exhibition will be opened until August 20, 2018.

At all times many outstanding artists had pupils who adopted their knowledge, techniques in art, with which artists shared their vision, skill, and talent. Often the students repeated their teacher in works, copying his subjects. There are occasions when pupils has become not less famous artists (P-P.Rubens and A.Van Dyck, El Greco and Titian, K.Korovin and A.Savrasov, K.Brullov and T.Shevchenko and many others).

Anatoliy Tertychny never planned to open a school, recruit students and engage in educational projects, although he has extensive teaching experience. As an artist, Terrychny does not wait for the inspiration to come, but from his hard work, he receives first-class works that have their original style, their own form, images, receptions that seem unconstrained, random, but often natural and aesthetically worked . Students always "stretch" to Tertychny.

After all, it's true, it's more interesting to get knowledge from a real artist, and not from an artisan. Tertychny teaches not only mastery, but also deeper things: makes you think, sometimes - look into the subconscious, sometimes - "solve" rationally. The students of Tertychny become more and more skilful, independent and prolific every year. Some of them have passed more than one exhibition of their works and have their connoisseurs. Many interiors are decorated by their works, and they feel themselves like real creators.