Про художника

Anatoliy Tertychny - Ukrainian artist - master of abstract painting, author of nude-series, landscapes of Ukrainian nature, flowers, portraits.

The unique style helps the artist's works to be always recognizable. It is based on a free living line, unobtrusively, but very accurately outlining the shape among the massive free color spots. Anatoliy Tertychny's painting is characterized by complex color relationships, layers of pastoral smears.
By expressive lines, that is forming figurative images, the artist, like a sculptor with a stack, "cuts" the color layers of the composition space.

The images that inspire the artist for creativity are extremely characteristic and sharp, came from everyday life.

The creativity of Anatoliy Tertychny - is a powerful clot of emotions, skill, desire, systematic hard work for many years. Each painting is unique, unrepeatable, artistic and, above all, full of color energy. It is the color that characterizes the theme, plot and plasticity of the artist's works. His painting is extremely emotional, full of mood, deep meaning of being.

Anatoliy Tertychny was born in 1954 in the Rovenki town, Lugansk region. He studied at the Lugansk State Art School (1969 - 1973), under the direction of T. Kapkanets, and in 1973-1979. - in the Kiev State Art Institute (now the National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture), under the leadership of L. Chichkan, G. Chernyavsky, A. Chebykin.

The artist lives and works in Kiev.

In 1980 he started exhibition activities. Personal exhibitions in Kiev galleries ("Barva", "Triptych", "Irena", "The Museum of One Street", "36", "Maisternia", "Art-Performance", "White-gallery", "Kolo", "Mistetska  Zbirka" (now "Voloshyn gallery"), "Euro-art", "Mystets", "Triptych-art", SC "Domosfera", Kiev Institute of International Relations and others.

International exhibitions - Finland, Sweden, Germany, France, Russia, Belarus, Poland, Georgia, Czech Republic and others.

Since 1987 - Member of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine.

Laureate of the competition dedicated to the 50th anniversary of the United Nations.

Diploma of Triennale of painting / diptych "Hills", oil on canvas, 80х120 cm. / Kiev

The locations of the artworks of Anatoly Tertychny:

  • The National Union of Artists of Ukraine;
    - Ministry of Culture of Ukraine;
    - Museum of the Black Sea Fleet. Sevastopol;
    - Museum of the Great Patriotic War. Kiev;
    - The Zaporozhye Museum of Art;
    - Korsun -Shevchenko Museum of Local Lore;
    - Kagarlitsky Local History Museum;
    - Local History Museum of Rovenki, Lugansk region;
    - Rzhishchev Painting Gallery;
    - Galleries of Ukraine, Europe, USA;
    - Private collections in Ukraine and abroad (Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria, Belgium, Switzerland, Poland, France, Germany, Israel, Canada, USA, Singapore and others).